We use WordPress as our content management system. This is an almost universal industry standard way to display content on a website.

We choose from a large library of templates to find one which will fit the theme of your business. From here we can quickly get to work customising and refining the template into a package which will complement your websites vision.

From here due to the large number of plugins available for WordPress we can extend the functionality of the website quickly and efficiently, resulting in quicker completion and ultimately users finding your business online much sooner!

During this time we install a suite of plugins to the website to extend it’s Search Engine Optimisation capabilities, increase it’s speed, security, and generate reports for performance analysis.

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With years of experience working on websites, we create custom components to help turn a boring run of the mill design template, into something really tailored for the client.

Examples of this in action can be seen in the Portfolio.

Very often we have used custom CSS to edit typography and layout in order to get the content fitting just as our clients would like.
Another technique employed is the ability to have different version of the same section displayed depending on the device the content is displayed on. E.g. if a website is viewed on Mobile (compared to Desktop), the content may be too large, sprawling, or just misaligned, so we use this technique to render different versions depending on the users viewing device.

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From the first point of contact, we will be striving to understand the project inside and out.

We look to understand the business first, figure out the goals of the website and functionality required, then look for designs that will benefit this.

Next we create a prototype and check with the client that we are heading in the right direction. We pick colours to complement the clients vision, and work to publish their pictures in an eloquent way (all while compressing in the background to get the websites speed as fast, and data footprint as small as possible).

Now the functionality is implemented, with as many great tools to get the website working exactly as intended.

Finally we work to polish, clean and tighten each component so that the website is running to modern web standards.

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